5 Countries with Military Duty and Reasons Why They Apply It

countries with military duty

Military duty is a duty for citizen both men and women in a country. Even though they are a freedom country, the country still applies a military duty. Commonly, the reason is national security. Moreover, some country feels that their citizen is lack of volunteerism to be a military. Now, here is the list of countries with military duty:

1. South Korea

Military duty in South Korea is a must duty. No citizen can excuse this even though you are a boyband. South Korea obligate citizen at the age of 19 to 35 to join military duty. Thus, every man in that range of age must join the duty.

However, a citizen may postpone their military duty, but not to reject it. Rejecting military duty is a punishable offense. In addition, the citizen may be put in jail because of refusing the duty. The basic reason South Korea apply this military duty is because of a serious threat of attack from North Korea.

2. North Korea

Siblings always have something in common. Just like South Korea, North Korea also apply military duty. If military duty in South Korea only for men, then in North Korea women are also on duty. Moreover, the duration of military duty is quite long. The duration is 10 years for men and 7 years for a woman.

By applicate a military duty for men and women, North Korea now is one of the countries with the largest army. By 2019, approximately 51,4 percent of the citizen is suitable for battle. Even though this military duty cost the county a large amount of money, they keep doing it for a national security reason.

3. Thailand

Military duty in Thailand is quite unique. They have two option for serving in military duty, volunteer or draft day. Draft day is a card draw, black and red. Luckily, if citizens got a black card, they are free of military duty. While for a citizen who is got a red card, they must serve for two years.

Thailand obligates its citizen at the age of 21 to 27 to serve in military duty. Every man must serve including ladyboy. But, for a transgender citizen who has done breast or genital surgery, the doctor may give a recommendation. The recommendation is freeing them from serving military duty.

4. Israel

Israel has been applying military duty for decades. Israeli, both women, and men must serve in military duty. In addition, recently women can participate in all combat positions. However, there is an exception for a pregnant woman, a mother, and a citizen with a particular religious belief.

5. Singapore

Singapore also countries with military duty. They call their program as National Service, and it occurs for 22 to 24 months. Man in Singapore must apply for military duty at the age of 16,6, although the program itself will start by the age of 18.

As always, the reasons for countries in applying military duty is for national security. Even though it cost them millions of dollars, yet they do it. A countries with military duty thinks that it is the best solution to build an army. By training their citizens, they have prepared if something or war happens.