5 Facts About The Battle of The Oranges Italy You Should Know

battle of the oranges Italy

Every year, ahead of Fat Tuesday, in Italy always organizes very unique events. This program is called the Battle of the Oranges Italy. Every people in the city of Ivrea will be divided into 9 groups. They will attack each other and throw orange fruit.

In addition, they are dressed in war and will throw each other oranges for 3 days. Everyone passionately throws oranges at each other, not only men, women, but children also enjoy participating in this event. The following are interesting facts about the Battle of the Oranges Italy you should know:

battle of the oranges Italy

1. Held to Commemorate The Tragic Events

This exciting battle turned out to have a tragic story. According to the story, in the city of Ivrea lived a border aristocrat. One day, he wanted to rape a village girl in the city. However, the woman resisted and succeeded in decapitating his neck.

The incident made the other aristocrats attacks the people and cause armed resistance. People of the City of Ivrea then stormed the palace. The exciting battle between the people and the aristocratic in the 12th century was symbolized by the Battle of Orange.

2. This Battle Requires Perfect Preparation

Before the tradition took place, people wearing red hats were usually fed with beans. They have to eat beans to fill in their energy before doing the Battle of the Oranges Italy. People of this city also prepare food carts and orange-filled carts.

The sign when this festival will begin is when each representative from the four cities has lifted a child. Moreover, If Scarli, cod, and roasted polenta have been burned in the Borghetto area, the battle is over.

3. It Takes 400 Tons of Oranges

This battle is very exciting and requires many people to do this battle. Almost all the people of Ivrea city take part in this battle every year. Moreover, many tourists also join this battle.

That is why this battle takes more than 400 tons of oranges every year. The amount of oranges is enough for 3 days battling. This orange comes from southern Italy and Sicily because it has good quality.

4. There are 9 Teams in This Battle

This battle doesn’t just throw the oranges at just anyone. However, there were 9 teams that played in this battle. For example, there is a people’s team and the Napoleon team on a horse-drawn carriage.

Usually, the people who become Napoleon’s troops will use head protectors. It is because they are the targets of the people. The people‚Äôs team and Napoleon will throw each other oranges until the event ends.

5. Many Victims in This Battle

This battle requires fresh and good quality oranges. Therefore, you will feel pain and even bruises if you are hut by an orange throw. It is because people will throw hard using the perfect orange.

If you feel pain due to injuries and bruises, you may leave the team. So, if you want to watch this battle, you have to use a helmet as a head covering. Moreover, you need a thick jacket to protect your body.

After you read this article, are you curious to watch the Battle of the Oranges Italy? If you are want to watch it, you can come to the city of Ivrea in Italy. You can watch this battle every year, usually held in March.