The Causes Of Asthma Attack You Need To be Aware Of

Causes Of Asthma Attack
Causes Of Asthma Attack

Commonly, asthma is known as a chronic illness. Even though it is illness, asthma does not contagious. Moreover, it cannot be healed but it can be managed. If an asthma sufferer is able to avoid allergy triggers, then asthma will not relapse. So, what are the causes of asthma attack actually? Here is the list:

1. Allergy

Allergy claimed to be the most common one of the causes of asthma attacks. There are two types of allergy, inhalation allergy, and food allergy. Furthermore, 80 percent of asthma sufferer is allergic to animal fur, dust mites, sawdust, and also cockroach. Even worse, dust dirty air conditioner can cause an asthma attack.

Meanwhile, food allergies are also the trigger. Actually, it is difficult to define what kind of food allergy that sufferers have. But, with an allergic test, it can be easily determined. Mostly food allergy caused by cow’s milk, eggs, nuts, seafood, soybean, and particular fruits.

2. Physical Exercise

For an asthma sufferer, physical exercise could worsen asthma. When people have exercise, a heavy workout may tighten the respiratory tract. Moreover, during the exercise people will breathe trough mouth and this is triggered an asthma attack. The sufferer may have a cough, chest tightest, and breathing trouble.

Using inhaler before exercise is highly recommended. Before exercise, better to have a slow warm-up to relax the muscle. Most importantly, do not force yourself to have heavy exercise. Choose a moist and warm place such as a gymnastic room to avoid dust from a dry area.

3. Heartburn

Most people with asthma suffer heartburn as well. Usually, Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD symptoms are acid reflux 2-3 times a week. Constantly, acid reflux could worsen irritation and inflammation on bronchus. Thus, in that situation, asthma attacks can happen. This condition would also happen in reverse; asthma could worsen GERD.

GERD usually appears at night when you are lying down. In this condition, acid reflux will emerge and will cause an asthma attack. So, you should go to the doctor or specialist if you experienced that condition. Once you are examining, the doctor would decide the suitable treatment.

4. Smoking

Well, not all asthma sufferer is a smoke quitter. Most of them are smoking, was smoking or a passive smoker. Actually, this bad habit should be stopped once you diagnosed with asthma. Symptoms like coughing and wheezing may emerge during smoking. The smoke-free environment is very important for asthma sufferers.

Women with babies who are also smoking may have a higher risk of an asthma attack. Mostly, they cannot deliver the baby normally and need surgery for that. Even worse, the baby will have a lack of function in their lungs. So, stop smoking is the only way to avoid an asthma attack.

5. Medication

A particular prescription of medicine can also cause an asthma attack. Medicine side effect, may worsen asthma and sometimes causing bad pain. So, if you are sensitive or allergic to a particular medicine, then you should inform your doctor. For example, people can have a rash after consuming aspirin.

Lastly, no one ever really knows what causes asthma attacks. The causes of asthma attacks and symptoms may vary. So, it is better to know yourself better and avoid the trigger. Be healthy!