The 5 Most Controversial Public Figures Of All Time

Most Controversial Public Figures Of All Time

There are public figures that always issue controversies in this world. However, there are 5 most controversial public figures of all time. The figures are certainly very famous. Besides, they have a great history that you must remember for all time.

The 5 Most Controversial Public Figures Of All Time

They have many controversial decisions that many people oppose. However, there are people who agree with their controversial move. If you are curious, let’s look at the list about most controversial public figures of all time:

1. Adolf Hitler

Who does not know this controversial figure? He is the leader of Germany in the Nazi era. In addition, he was also a dictator who had ambitions to rule Europe. However, he managed to realize his ambition by controlling almost all of Europe.

He is also known as a cruel figure by building concentration camps that accommodate Jews. Moreover, he was accused of killing many Jews by placing them in poison gas chambers. That is what made him one of the most controversial public figures of all time.

2. Joseph Stalin

He was the dictator of the Soviet Union. Besides, he was one of the controllers of the country with the largest economy in the world. He is a controversial figure in the history of the modern economy. Moreover, he had absolute power that also controlled one of the world’s largest economies.

It is very difficult to separate his wealth from the wealth of the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, he had the ability to increase Soviet economic power at the time. However, not many know how much the amount of his wealth.

3. Nikita Khrushchev

Six months after Joseph Stalin’s death, he succeeded him. He led the Soviet Union for 11 years. So, that’s what made him so famous at home and abroad at the time. In addition, he was one of the most vibrant Soviet leaders. Furthermore, he is also famous for his controversial comments and impulsive attitude.

Under his leadership, the Soviets also achieved excellence by launching the country’s first satellite. However, he was so crazy that he threw his shoes at the UN General Assembly. He slammed his shoes on the stand to express his anger.

4. Richard Nixon

He is the 37th President of the United States and he is a very conservative person. He launched a major attack on Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos at that time. In resolving the war in Vietnam, many people called him a ‘crazy’ leader.

This is because he issues the decisions that are very frontal and controversial. Furthermore, he is also one of the figures in the Watergate scandal. This scandal is a political scandal that is very famous in the history of the United States.

5. Ayatollah Khomeini

He was a figure of the Iranian revolution and became an idol and inspired many people. Furthermore, he is the main enemy of the Iranian royal family. As a result of this hostility, he had to live in seclusion from one place to another.

But finally, he returned to Iran during the Iranian revolution. All the people of Iran with great joy welcomed him. They are united to overthrow the regime which has been harmful to their country. He is the leader and he succeeded in overthrowing the Shah Pahlavi regime.

Those are the most controversial public figures of all time. There are many more controversies they have that have not been revealed. Their stories are very interesting. It will increase your knowledge about the development of the world from time to time.