The 5 Best Game For The Nintendo Switch You Should Not Miss

Every gamer must be familiar with Nintendo Switch devices. The advantage of the Nintendo Switch console is its ability to be played in two different modes. To feel the greatness of this device, you can play the best game for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch has more than 1000 games that you can play. Of the many games available, there must be some games that become your favorite. Here is the best game for the Nintendo Switch you can enjoy:

1.     The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you are a loyal fan of Nintendo, surely you are familiar with this game. This game was released specifically for the Nintendo Switch console and Wii U. Furthermore; this game is the best game for the Nintendo Switch that you really have to play.

This RPG genre game has great graphics and animations. In addition, the gameplay and battle mechanism are also interesting so that it will make you addicted to playing it. So, many people buy the Switch because of this exclusive Nintendo game.

2.     Hollow Knight

The most interesting part of this game is having a level of difficulty that is above average. With a 2-dimensional visual style and unique graphics, you will feel challenged to solve the ‘suffering’ in this game. It offers epic adventures full of challenges and secrets, in its super vast underground world.

This game requires you to practice your reflexes. As you play, the characters you play will gain abilities and new friends to help you solve challenges. Shocking, challenging, and fun to be the right three words to describe this game.

3.     Super Mario Maker 2

For Nintendo fans, of course, you are familiar with Mario characters. Mario is one of Nintendo’s mainstay characters that have dozens of game franchises. This game is the sequel to the first game Super Mario Maker on Wii U.

This game is a side-scrolling platformer game that is equipped with tools to edit and create your own level. You will be free to imagine making each level and challenge. So, you can divide and challenge other players to complete the level that you created.

4.     The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The Zelda game franchise returns to Switch with the classic game remake of Legends of Zelda: Links of Awakening. This game is one of the favorite 8-bit games for Zelda fans in 1993 on Gameboy classic.

Nintendo remade and change the concept of 2D in the classic version of the game into 3D. Therefore, the new look of this game gives an interesting and unique appearance. Link Adventure on the island of Kolohint is certainly one of the Switch games that you should not miss.

5.     Super Mario Odyssey

This game has a very broad 3-dimensional gameplay so that it can be an unforgettable adventure for anyone who plays it. In this game, there is a choice of clothes that will give special strength to Mario.

This will give a different impression for you and will provide many different strategies to solve each challenge. In this game, Mario is adventuring in a wider and more diverse world.

From the wilderness, desert, snowy areas, mountains, and even cities. If you like the open-world concept of Super Mario 64 in the past, then you will easily love this game.

Thus were a few recommendations about the best game for the Nintendo Switch. You can play the game to fill your leisure time. From the 5 games that have been recommended, which game will you play?