5 Of The Most Weird Foods That Make You Think Twice To Eat From Around The World

Weird foods that make you think twice to eat

Have you ever eaten the weirdest food from all over the world? The following you will know about weird foods that make you think twice to eat. This is because the food has a unique taste, appearance, and aroma. Usually, every country has strange food that you have to try.

Weird foods that make you think twice to eat

These strange foods are usually inherited from ancestors, which continue to be preserved until now. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt if you try it even though you feel very disgusted. These are weird foods that make you think twice to eat:

1. Balut

This food is a duck embryo and boils it alive in its shell. Moreover, this food is a typical Filipino dish. This food itself is widely consumed by people in Southeast Asia. Its appearance is very unappetizing for you to eat.

The word Balut comes from the Filipino language, which means, “wrap.” Many people say this food has a very fishy taste. However, This food has a very high protein content.

2. Surstomming

Sweden is a country that has this food. Herrings from the Baltic Sea go through a process of fermentation with salt so they do not get stale. The way the presentation is placed in a tin because when you open it will emit a sharp aroma.

This food is famous as the food that has the sharpest aroma in the world. So, you have to consume it in an open space. Not everyone can eat this food; some even vomit if they eat this food. This is one of the weird foods that make you think twice to eat.

3. Tuna’s Eyes

Japan has another unique food besides sushi, which is a tuna eye. You can also eat tuna’s eyes, not only tuna meat. Even though it looks disgusting, it turns out the food has almost the same taste as octopus or squid.

This food is quite cheap; lots of you can find it in Japanese grocery stores. Now, most restaurants in Japan have begun to offer boiled tuna eyes. Even though it’s cheap, do you dare to eat this food?

4. Century Egg

This egg uses a variety of eggs, such as duck, chicken and quail eggs. In the manufacturing process, these eggs go through the preservation stage with ash, salt, and clay.

The preservation time takes several months. The result of this processing is changing the color of the egg white to a brown color similar to jelly. while the yolk turns greenish and even greyish.

5. Hakarl

This is food from Iceland that makes many people want to throw up. Even so, the Icelandic government actually makes Hakarl a country special food. This food is very smelly because of the manufacturing process through fermentation.

After fermentation, the fish will be hung in a room for six months until the poison content in the meat disappears. Icelanders don’t eat raw shark meat because this fish is poisonous. Therefore, they make this dish so that the Icelanders eat sharks.

Those are the weird foods that make you think twice to eat. Although disgusting and terrible, these foods are worth preserving. This must be done so that everyone recognizes and can eat these foods. It is because this food is a typical food of a country.