5 Reasons Why You Need A Business Email Address You Should Know

why you need a business email address

Creating an email is important, especially if you have a business. You can make an email address if there are customers who want to contact you. You no longer need to ask why you need a business email address after you read this article.

why you need a business email address

Actually there is no one that requires you to use a professional email address in your business. But if you want to get a good image for your business, then you must use a business email address. Here are the benefits that you will get if you have a business email address:

1. Introduce Business Profiles

The majority of people who run businesses choose social media as a tool to introduce business profiles to customers. But, sometimes they have problems, especially in uploading certain files. Using email helps you send various company profile files to your business.

Furthermore, you can provide an explanation of the product without size restrictions. In addition, a business email address can represent your business. For example, when you send an email to a customer, your name@businessemail.com will represent your business.

2. Gain Customer Trust

The second reason is gaining customer trust. Based on the survey, customers trust the email with the company domain more than email with Gmail or Yahoo domains. Customer trust is a valuable asset for your business, especially in online businesses.

Once you have the customer’s trust, you will easily offer them various products. Having a business email can also minimize the occurrence of consumer fraud cases. It is because customers can easily distinguish which is your business’s official email and fake email.

3. Protect Business Data

Many free public email services are easily hacked. This can make your business information in an email open to hackers. Once the free public email is stolen, you will have trouble logging back in. The hackers are smart to change passwords, cellphone numbers, and secondary e-mail for verification.

What if you use a public e-mail containing important business information and your customer’s e-mail addresses? If you use professional email, once you are stolen, you can contact the server web-hosting provider. The provider will reset the password reset or return the data for you.

4. Free From Spam Indications

If you are still wondering why you need a business email address, the answer is to avoid spam. There are many factors that affect an email getting into spam. One of them is through a free public email service.

By using professional e-mail, small spam will mark the risk. This is certainly different if you use a free email. When you send a mass email or broadcast email it will go directly into spam if you use free email.

5. Privacy Guaranteed and Ad-Free

Have you ever seen an ad when you access your email in Gmail or Yahoo? The appearance of the email dashboard from your friends has different ads than those in your dashboard. That means that email providers like Google know what the contents of your emails are.

So, even though security is guaranteed, free email privacy is not necessarily safe. The proof is you can still see ads in your email. It is different if you use professional email. With a professional email, your security and privacy are guaranteed and also free of advertisements.

Those are the reasons why you need a business email address you need to know. You will get more benefits from what has been mentioned above. So, if you have a business, try making a business email address that will benefit you.